While the weather is probably the most obvious reason Cypriots love their island, the country’s culture, coupled with colorful history, has made it one of the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean. Typical occupiers include, Armenians, Syrians, Lebanese, the French, the British, Turks and the Italians, with each nation influencing the environment. No wonder most places in Cyprus offer traditional civilizations alongside contemporary travel and leisure. 

Whether you’re looking to feed your eyes with dazzling views or want to have a feel of luxurious resorts, the country has amazing destinations for everyone. Some famous places you can check out include Limassol, House of Dionysos. Paphos, Ayia Napa, Troodos Mountains, Tombs of the Kings, Larnaca, and Protaras. The list seems endless. Below are only a few interesting places you can find on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

House of Dionysos

Paphos, a beautiful city on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, is known for its Roman mosaics, ancient history, fascinating beaches, and of course, as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess. One of the places you can visit here is the House of Dionysos. 

It’s a Roman villa in Paphos housing some of the popular buildings in the country. If you love history, some views you can enjoy here include breathtaking mosaics unearthed during the excavation of a Roman nobleman’s villa from the third century AD.

Cyprus Museum

Located at the heart of Nicosia, the Cyprus Museum gives you a first-hand view of old, glamorous treasures. The Museum’s exhibition rooms showcase Cypriot archaeology and ancient objects that give you a glimpse into the usual lifestyle in ancient Cyprus. 

The Cyprus Museum annually organizes exhibitions on several eye-catching themes of ancient life. You can also enjoy and learn about the Greek and Roman ruins that cover the island via this Museum.

Kolossi castle 

Kolossi castle was founded in the 13th century by the Knights of St. John, located in Limassol. In addition, you can check out the Medieval Museum to have a feel of Cypriot history.


If you enjoy going to the beach, Cyprus offers several beaches with amazing weather for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxation. Also, boat tours and cruises around the island allow you to see more of Cyprus while out on the stolid waters. With Egypt close by, you can even get cruises from Cyprus to enjoy the beautiful views of the Pyramids and Sphinx. 


Cyprus houses some world-standard nightclubs, where you can dance all night until the sun comes up in the morning. With places like Limassol, Ayia Napa, and Nicosia offering some of the craziest events and clubs you can find, nightlife in Cyprus puts you in the heart of the action. Likewise, a little wander in Paphos exposes you to several chilled lounges and stylish hangouts to have a good time.

Final thoughts

Although Cyprus is still a relatively small island, the diversity of its landscape that can be found within just a few distances is pretty amazing. You can literally be shopping at a fashionable store in Nicosia in the morning and check out the Troodos Mountains in the afternoon. Such diversity is certainly one of the top reasons Cypriots and tourists love the country. Follow this link to learn more about Cryprus.