Learn how to create a folder in your Dopamine App and group your crypto assets.

Dopamine offers users various unconventional features a crypto App should have. Among many of these is creating different folders to differentiate your coins from each other.

Essentially, the App helps you organize all your assets in one place and share them with your loved ones.

Why do I need the ‘create folder’ feature?

Generally, the crypto market is filled with different coins with different use cases. The market is booming at a fast pace. As a result, thousands of platforms are being built daily. These have attracted the attention of mainstream maximalists. Now we have different industries ranging from Art, Food, and Real Estate, to Finance and a lot more. All these platforms have their unique tokens hence expanding the choice of crypto investors.

Dopamine App has incorporated a lot of these tokens into its App to cater to the wide needs of its users. As an investor, you might want to diversify your portfolio and buy large-cap coins like bitcoin and Ethereum while also holding some NFTs. Compiling all these in a wallet can be confusing. Thus the need for creating different folders.

Benefits of creating folders

Here are some benefits Dopamine’s App folder creation feature can offer users.

  • Centralized asset location

Rather than surveying hundreds of assets, you can simply search for a folder name and find your favorite coin easily. If you can find assets faster, then you can improve productivity more than if you had to spend time trying to locate an asset.

  • Accurate file and folder names

Effective folder creation often revolves around clear-cut folder names. For example, if you plan on buying meme coins this year, it may be advisable to name it the folder name “Meme coins.”

Step-by-step guide — create a folder

  1. Open your Dopamine App
  1. Head over to the Market Tab

This is at the bottom left of the App home page

Coins category on Dopamine App
  1. Click Favorites

At the top right corner, you get to see a folder 📁 icon with a plus sign.

Market tab on Dopamine App
  1. Click Add folder 📁 

Upon clicking the folder plus sign, you will get a pop-up allowing you to create your folder name.

  1. Create favorites folder

We named our folder Metaverse/Gaming coins. You can choose any name for yours, depending on the coins you want to include. Then, proceed to Add coins.

Create a favorite folder
  1. Add coins

Choose the coins you want. In this guide, we chose The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Mana. These are all Metaverse gaming tokens.

Create a folder for your coins
  1. Click on Create

Upon filling in your details, go and tap create. Your created folder will appear on your dashboard alongside other folders in your favorites.

View your designed folder

Bottom line

It’s pretty nice to organize your dashboard as a crypto investor. You can have one to keep your random coins, stable coins, NFTs, Gaming, etc. You would be able to know how deep you’re getting, investment-wise, relative to your total cryptocurrency value.