Dopamine app has two background themes of dark and light, users’ can easily change background themes from dark to light and vice versa on the App. The two background themes help improve the usability of the Dopamine App. Although, users have personal reasons for choosing a particular background theme over the other. The light theme is suitable for daytime use, while the dark theme is suitable for evening or nighttime use of Dopamine app.

Here are simple steps on how to change your background theme on Dopamine app.

Step 1

Click on the More icon from the market tab page; it is the last icon with three dots below the more page to your right; once you click on the icon, a new page will pop up showing Apps, Collections, Referral, Support, and Settings.

market tab page

Step 2 – background theme from dark to light

Once you are on the more tab page, click on the settings tab. Once you click on the settings tab and you are on the page. You will see a lot of clickable icons and tabs representing different functions of the Dopamine App, from the Edit profile picture to the language option tab and many more.

The More tab page

Step 3 – changing background theme from dark to light

You will notice two icons immediately below the currency tab from the different clickable options on the settings page. The language option is the tab to your right, while the background theme tab is the one to your left. Swipe on the theme tab to the right or the left to choose between the light theme or the dark theme.

The settings tab page
The settings tab page for background themes

About Dopamine App

Dopamine is an app that gives users quick access to over 1000 cryptocurrency data worldwide, from crypto charts to crypto news. It has a highly secured wallet and an easy-to-use interface that is beginner-friendly. Dopamine App allows users to trade, swap, stake, buy and conduct many other crypto activities on the App. Dopamine crypto App is available for both Android and iPhone users.