Storing your funds is essential for all crypto users and investors, as crypto wallet security is one of the most important aspects of holding and investing in digital assets. In this guide, you’ll learn how to restore your account and find your recovery/seed phrase in your Dopamine App. 

Seed Phrase = Your Pass

You can always access your Dopamine App account anywhere, anytime as long as you have saved and written down your 12-word seed phrase, which was displayed when you first created your account. Also, you will always be able to bring back your wallet account with that backup phrase. 

However, if you do not have the 12-word phrase before logging out, there is no way to restore your account or the funds. Not even the team at Dopamine App, as we do not have any control over your private keys (seed phrase) or any transactions made. Thus, we can not restore your wallet for you.

But Why is the Seed phrase so important?

Basically, a recovery phrase, also known as a seed phrase, is a human-readable form of your crypto wallets’ private keys and is usually displayed as a 12-word phrase. 

It works just like your bank account login details – you store those in a secure place, right? Well, you have to do the same with your seed phrase and password.

Also, anyone who has access to the seed phrase will be able to log in and spend your funds from anywhere on any device. Therefore, your seed phrase is very important, and you should write it down and keep it in a secure location. Upon creating your wallet, create and keep your 12-word phrase in a secure and physical location.

How to Restore your Seed phrase Your Wallet

When accessing the Dopamine App on a new device or logging in for the first time, you will have the option of clicking “Restore Account.” Upon correctly inputting all of your 12 words, Dopamine App will give you access to the same addresses as before.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Tap or Restore Account

After you have downloaded the Dopamine App on the App Store or Google Play, tap on “or Restore Account” at the bottom of the screen.

Start a new Dopamine App account or restore an old one
  1. Enter your 12-word backup phrase 

Once you have entered all 12 words correctly, tap restore

Restore your Dopamine App acount with your seed phrase
  1. Tap Restore 

After importing your seed phrase, your Dopamine App wallet will now be restored and you will be able to see your linked wallets. The next step is to input your password.

Choose which wallet to restore
  1. Input your password 

Upon doing this, it will be updated and synced as the new password to your account..

Set your password
  1. Copy and save, or preferably, write down your seed phrase and keep it in a safe location.

Toggle the “I have written this down” and activate your account.

See and save your seed phrase
  1. Done, you’re back in the App.

Please note that if you’re manually typing in your phrase, all words should be lowercase with a single space between them and no space after the final word.

How to Find Your Recovery Phrase in the Dopamine App

You have successfully re-activated your account. Now, how do you find backup phrases in the App? 

  1. Go to your Dopamine App home page

To find your seed phrase inside the App, go to the three-dotted button at the right bottom corner

How to Find Your Recovery Phrase in the Dopamine App
  1. Go to Settings

Tap on the option that shows Security in the middle.

  1. Tap on Security 
  1. Tap on Show Seed
  1. Input the password to view Seed Phrase

Enter your password correctly and submit.

  1. That’s your recovery phrase
Check and save your seed phrase

Copy the seed phrase; after you have seen the phrase, you must store it somewhere safe, so you don’t lose it and do not share it with anyone. 

What is the best way to save my Seed Phrase?

While some users save their backup phrase on a third-party password manager and note apps, storing it offline is more secure. Write it down on a paper in the correct order, double-check the words and keep it safe somewhere.

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