Cyprus is open to innovative emerging technologies, which has increased the number of technology startups in the country. According to 2021 research, Cyprus ranked 55 globally in countries suitable for crypto startups. 

Furthermore, the country is popularly known as a crypto tax haven due to its low crypto tax rate ( on corporate portfolios and zero on individual portfolios).

These achievements are the direct result of supportive crypto regulations in Cyprus, which aim to expand the horizons of blockchain and other emerging technologies in the country.

Cyprus is open to innovative emerging technologies, which has increased the number of technology startups in the country.


The recent partnership between Cyprus, through the national Investment partner of the Republic of Cyprus, VeChain (a Singapore blockchain platform company), and CREAM (a US-based crypto legal entity focusing on blockchain projects), further solidify Cyprus’s interest in blockchain technology.

The partnership aims to set the blueprint for crypto and other DLT entities in Cyprus and establish the country as a frontier in emerging technologies.

This article will briefly analyze some new and established crypto projects in Cyprus. The criteria for our picks are innovation, structure and growth. 

Crypto startups  


PumaPay is a blockchain DeFi p2p payment platform that helps merchants process their crypto transactions to pay bills through smart contracts. It has a native token with the ticker name PMA. PumaPay’s main objective is to help create flexibility and facilitate crypto payment when paying bills. The company’s headquarters is in Limassol, Cyprus.


Alleochain is a Cyprus software company whose primary focus is on blockchain technology. Alleochin helps you launch and scale your blockchain projects with ease.


Tradeline is a Cyprus-based blockchain platform. It is a workflow platform that automates the finance industry and commodity trading. 


Coalition is a blockchain platform for voting, accountability representation, and governance. It converts participation in group governance into measurable value through a “proof of influence” protocol. Coalichain headquarters is in Cyprus.

Irbris Network

Irbis network is a blockchain telecommunication network. It helps protect & secure users end to end communications by connecting telecom operators, owners of network nodes, developers, users, manufacturers and suppliers of telecom together worldwide. The company is established in Cyprus by SC telecom (SafeCalls). It has a token with the ticker symbol IBS.

Block. co is a Cyprus-based blockchain platform aiming to transform how companies use blockchain technology in self-verification, insurance and revocation of digital records. The platform is also suitable for minting your NFTs. 

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