We’re continuing the interviews of women in crypto, starting with our lovely team members, to get to know a little more about them and what’s their background in the crypto space.

Jaya - part of Dopamine App's team, part of the Women in crypto interview series

Jayashree Ingle, Content creator for Dopamine App.

What’s your professional background?

I am Double Graduate & Double Postgraduate with specializations in Electronics Engineering, Mass Media, Humanities & Music & Economics. Acquiring multiple degrees in various streams has sculpted me as a professional and person.  

I believe in being a student forever & love to learn everything that comes across . 

What’s your personal background?

I stay in Mumbai India, I am married and my husband is also an Engineer & crypto investor.

Deep down to the core, I define myself as a deeply sentimental humanitarian whose heart bleeds for the less fortunate in society.

Being a mother, a wife, a singer, a writer, and an activist add hues to my womanhood. I am also the founder member of top regional mediahouse MaxMaharashtra.in India.

Belonging to an oppressed community that had been denied access to education for centuries,  which is now recognized as one of the most intelligent & highly educated communities in India makes me proud of my origin. 

My icons Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Jotiba Phule & Mai Savitri who uplifted the entire oppressed society & pioneered women’s education in India, keep me spirited to explore new avenues.

What was your first contact with the crypto world?

Around 2015-2016, when the blockchain technology sector started blooming, 

I started reading about one of its use cases Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies on social media & websites & got hooked to it over the years.

How did you get into crypto (professionally)?

The Watershed moment of joining the crypto space arrived in my life a few years back around 2018. The very obsession for the emerging Blockchain technology compelled me to switch my job as an Editor & journalist at one of the prominent media houses in India.

I  sacrificed my previous job with a higher salary, & made up my mind to explore this new arena. I took up a job as a Crypto journalist in one of the crypto firms & started covering news & writing research articles. 

I did a few freelancing jobs as well & eventually landed up at a US-based crypto firm where I had the freedom to write extensively in the crypto space.

As I started getting my salary in cryptocurrencies, it compelled me to invest in cryptos.

I started thinking that I earn, I save but do I invest? That very thought provoked me to make invest in cryptocurrencies. Crypto offers a robust model of financial freedom with an array of passive income opportunities.

What would you say to convince another woman to get into the crypto space whether it be for investing or to enter the professional crypto space?

The Crypto industry offers financial freedom with passive & active income opportunities.

It can be explored by taking jobs (Technical & creative), trading, Hodling, & other Defi-related earning options.

This is still a male-dominated arena, but women can carve a niche for themselves by exploring the abundant opportunities available in this domain.

How could we make people trust the technology and adopt it?

As this technology is still in a nascent phase, spreading mass awareness could be the most essential initiative. 

Crypto awareness can be created by using social media platforms as a tool. Creating lots of simple educational videos & templates & spreading them repeatedly and consistently across all the social media platforms can definitely change the scenario. 

Also, social media influencers from various fields can create crypto awareness.

What is your go-to crypto App?

I believe strongly in decentralized platforms. So far I have invested via the centralized exchanges as they provide trustworthy infrastructure & most of them are legally bound to protect users’ interests against any mishap. But I am open to using trustworthy Dapps as well.

 I believe that crypto adoption can set us free from the clutches of centralized powers. 

Interactive Content in a simplified format should be generated & shared using Social media tools to spread crypto awareness among the masses.

Also, issues such as the volatility of cryptos that hinder mass adoption should be addressed to develop a trust. 

At present, I use crypto exchanges for crypto transactions, because they provide legitimized infrastructure to protect users’ interests against any mishap.

But I also look forward to exploring trustworthy dApps with an adept Team involved in them. 

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