Why are we decommissioning Crypto Park

We will soon be releasing a new app that will replace Crypto Park. This app will help onboard new and beginner users to enter the cryptocurrency. Not only this, but also the app will educate users on the value of crypto. 

If you would like to get a taste of this new app that is coming soon, all you need to do is wait for the update, which will come through the store.

How to Transfer your Assets

With the new update coming soon, you will no longer have access to the crypto assets through Crypto Park. However, all of your data are safe and will remain safe as long as you transfer them to Dopamine App.

Steps to transfer your assets:

  1. Save your seed phrase or private key for EACH of your wallets. 
  1. Download Dopamine App
  1. If you are using a Seed Phrase > Open Dopamine > Press Restore Account > Paste your Seed Phrase (Primary).
  1. If you are using a Private Key > Open Dopamine > Press Start to create a new account > then press Import Existing Wallet > paste your Private Key.

How to Transfer your Data

Data like your Favourite Coins, Tracker/Portfolio, Referral Points, Alerts, are all stored in your Anonymous Account (dopamine wallet) or Social Media Account (if you are logged in with social media). Depending on the method you used to create your Dopamine account, you should have one or the other.

If you are logged in Anonymously (dopamine wallet)

Just make sure to Restore the seed phrase from your Primary wallet when transferring to Dopamine. Follow the same steps as shown in “How to Transfer your Assets” section.

If you are logged in with Social Media

Just make sure to login in Dopamine with the same social media account you used to login in Crypto Park.


You can now start using Dopamine the same way as you have been using Crypto Park and wait for the new update of Crypto Park to arrive.

Any questions reach out to us on Telegram: https://t.me/myDopamineApp