As mentioned in the previous guide, Dopamine App integrates the FIO protocol into its app, allowing users to easily send and receive crypto funds. If you haven’t created a handle yet, follow this link.

This tool replaces the need for the regular public address with a human-readable username. Similar to how Venmo works, the integration of FIO into Dopamine also allows users to send and receive crypto payments. In addition, users are also able to request for crypto payments across other FIO-supported wallets.

Here is a comprehensive overview of how to send and receive coins with the FIO Protocol feature

Step-by-step guide on using the FIO protocol tool

  1. Go to Finance tab

Scroll down to the FIO protocol tab, then click. If you’ve already created an account, you’ll see your address.

FIO protocol

2. Receive

Tap the receive option on the FIO protocol screen to generate QR Code and view your public address. Just below these details you can copy your FIO crypto handle and send to receive cryptocurrency.

FIO protocol
  1. Send

To send funds, click on send, then fill in the parameters: amount, and the recipient address.

If you have typed in the correct address, the public address will be automatically displayed underneath the tab. Then tap send. There you go! Transaction sent!

Also, you can send funds to users via QR code. Use the ‘Scan QR’ icon shortcut in the ‘Send to‘ tab to create a transaction with predefined values.

FIO protocol on Dopamine App

Once you’re done, Dopamine App allows you to view the completed transaction in the history tab. With the  option, you can view transaction details such as time, block number, etc.

Final thoughts 

Dopamine App is a beginner-friendly and expert-favorite crypto mobile wallet that reinforces seamless access to the web3 world and aids the mass adoption of crypto. 

With the FIO protocol tools, users will not just create human-readable wallet addresses. They will also experience an improved workflow. This tool also eliminates various errors with crypto transactions.