Learn how to create and track your crypto portfolio and organize all your coins in one place via Dopamine App. 

Basically, Dopamine App portfolio tracker enables you to track your crypto assets’ total amount and value across all decentralized and centralized exchanges platforms. This feature allows you to track transaction histories, sources, and values. 

In this guide, you will learn how to get your hands on this feature and use it to your advantage.

What is crypto portfolio tracking?

Crypto Portfolio tracking is a process of monitoring and tracking your crypto assets across different blockchain networks and wallets. A crypto portfolio tracker automatically allows you to keep an eye on price changes all day and estimate your profits and losses. 

The Dopamine App portfolio tracker allows you to stay updated and know the state of your investment. 

Why should I track my crypto portfolio with Dopamine App?

The Dopamine App, a gateway to everything crypto, makes it possible for new and advanced traders to enjoy portfolio tracking. It offers users convenience, a variety of options, and access to an entire defi market. Below are reasons what you will get with dopamine App.

Dopamine App:

  • You will see a comprehensive breakdown of your crypto, and you can track their performance.
  • Dopamine App provides a coin explorer that searches through a stack of several assets to view data on current and previous market prices. It also shows percentage change, which can be hourly, or daily. Depending on the duration you want. 
  • An easy-to-understand front page that includes charts, average buy price, profit and the net value of the coin you’re holding. You can also set notifications for your portfolio.

Now, how do you set up your portfolio tracker? Below is a detailed step-by-step guide. 

Step by step guide

  1. Open your Dopamine App
  1. Head over to the Market tab
Coin market tab
  1. Go to tracker 

This is under the Market tab, among other options like alerts, favorites, coins, and movers.

Tracker tab
  1. Click on the plus sign

Below tracker 

  1. Name the portfolio and Set your currency
Create crypto portfolio

In this example, we named our portfolio “Long term HODL” you can name yours anything you wish. The idea is just to peg the name to the purpose of your portfolio. 

Then set your preferred currency. There are about 50 currencies; search and choose. 

  1. Add transaction
Add transaction

This section provides you with two (2) options. You can manually add your transaction by clicking on the Manual tab or Automatic (public key)

For this guide, we are going to add it Manually. 

So click Manual.

Note: Public key is your wallet address 

  1. Choose your preferred currency
Select coins to add

Upon clicking the Manual tab, the app shows you different coins. Choose the coin you wish to track. We chose SOL here

  1. Choose exchange
Choose an exchange

After selecting your preferred coin, choose the exchange. For this example, we chose binance.

  1. Fill in the buy price and amount 
Fill in the amount

Once you have chosen your exchange, complete the options in the tab. This includes the Buy price and Amount. Fill accordingly. 

  1. Fill in the Note and Date
Add note and date

You can add anything to your Note tab. 

Then, click the calendar bar to adjust the dates. Choose your start and end date in the calendar. Ultimately, Dopamine App allows you to track your transaction up to a full year.

  1. Add transaction 

Click Add transaction. And you have successfully created portfolio tracking!

  1. Check your Dopamine Tracker tab
Dopamine tracker tab

Head back to your Dopamine wallet. There you can see your coin balance.

Dopamine App Portfolio tracking made easy

While Dopamine App saw the need for a defi-friendly app from the start, the app eases the process of watching portfolios and watching market movements.

Access to decentralized exchanges such as 1inch, Uniswap, and more is inbuilt for flexibility, and other centralized exchanges like Binance can be easily integrated. 

Start connecting exchanges & Track all your cryptocurrencies in one place.


  • Is there a portfolio on Dopamine App?

Absolutely yes! Register an account and grow your portfolio with Dopamine App today

  • How do I track on the Dopamine App?

Open your Dopamine App > Market tab > Go to tracker > Click on the plus sign > Name your portfolio > Add transaction and fill in the necessary details

  • Is Dopamine App Crypto Tracker Safe?

Dopamine App provides a safe, diversified way to invest in and trade cryptocurrencies. All the exchanges available on the app are safe and reliable.