Learn how to add a profile picture to your Dopamine account through an image link.

Dopamine App builds on the growing trend of crypto investors using images linked to crypto associated accounts, such as their NFTs as profile pictures on the App.

The app allows you to spice up your account and add a unique profile picture to your App!

What is profile picture?

This Profile Picture feature is an in-app option that allows you to use google images or NFTs as avatar. It essentially allows you to express a bit about yourself and help other users create the first inkling of you. So, how do you do this on the App? 

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Open your dopamine app
  1. Click on the More tab

Go to the bottom right of your App and click on the three-dotted line

  1. Click on Settings

Upon clicking settings, you’ll see a list of options. Next, click on Edit profile picture.

Dopamine App Settings Tab
  1. Click edit profile pic

Upon clicking this, it gives you the option of adding an avatar URL. So how do you do this?

Add avatar URL
  • Go on google, search for an image and click on the copy image link. 

NB: you can only copy the google image link via your desktop or MacBook. So you might have to do a little finger gymnastics to get this done.

  • Go back to your dopamine app and paste the link
  1. Then click submit

There you go. Your image has been added.

You might want to play around with the App and change to dark mode to get a clearer picture of the image.

Closing thoughts?

Dopamine App is a first end-to-end user-centric crypto mobile app that offers seamless access to the decentralized finance world. Among several distinctive features it provides is being able to customize and optimize account by adding images. You can play around this and improve your trading experience.