The NFTs feature lets users claim free NFTs on Dopamine app by following simple steps and directions. Although this might seem too good to be true, Dopamine rewards its users from time to time with different airdrops in the form of NFTs and giveaways.

NFTs are non-fungible crypto tokens or digital assets created and assigned to a blockchain system. They are also used to claim ownership of digital properties from Art to music and many other things in the digital world. Below, we will examine the step-by-step guide on claiming free NFTs on Dopamine app.

How to claim free NFTs on Dopamine app

Step 1

Once you open your Dopamine app and are on the Market page, you will see five clickable icons below the page; click on the fourth icon to your right.

the market page

Step 2

Once you click on the fourth icon, the metaverse icon, you will see the NFT and Gaming icons; click on the NFT.

the metaverse page

Step 3

On the NFT page, there are three clickable icons below the tab: Active, Upcoming, and Past icons.

  • The active icon is for ongoing NFT campaigns, where you can get free NFTs.
  • The upcoming icon is for NFTs campaigns coming soon; watch out for them.
  • The last icon, the Past icon, is for past NFT campaigns.
the instruction page to claim free NFTs

Step 4

Click on the active campaign, and the icon will redirect you to the signup page, where you will fill in all your details. 

instructions to follow to claim free NFTs

Step 5

Once you fill up the form correctly, click on the submit icon below, and you will automatically become qualified to win free NFTs on Dopamine app.

Step 6

To check your NFTs, click on the My NFT icon on the right-hand side of the active campaign page. The icon will take you to your NFT wallets, where you can see your received NFTs.

the active NFTs page

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