Learn about Dopamine App market tab and explore the necessary toolbars to further boost your investment strategies.

You can access all data related to crypto trading in the Market tab located at the bottom of the Dopamine App. It’s the first interface you’ll see upon opening your App. Without much ado, this option gives your all-inclusive and updated details about your favorite cryptocurrencies.

What should I expect from the Dopamine Market Tab?

In the Market tab, you will see virtually all cryptocurrencies existing in the crypto space. Also, you can have the options viewing them by:

  • Market Size
  • Price
  • Trading volume
  • Name 
  • Percent 

You can also change currency, search for your favorite coins, as well as switch from a simple design to a more detailed one.

Sort By

The first option on this tab is a view to a long list of coins where you have access to relevant details about each of them. 

You can sort each of these coins based on their Market Capitalization, Name, Price, 24hour Volume, and Percent.

Sort your favorite coins by their market capitalization

Market Cap

It is the total worth of a particular crypto asset. It is usually calculated by multiplying the coin price and the coin circulating supply.

By default, all coins on the Dopamine App are shown according to their market capitalization. However, asides viewing the market cap of different coins, you can also view each coin in alphabetical order, market cap, name, or price.

The arrow lets you switch from either ascending or descending order.

  • Name

You can also sort this list of coins by name. In an alphabetical order

  • Percent

This is simply the percentage increase and decrease in the current price of a coin. The Dopamine App allows you to sort various coins by their percentage cost.

  • Vol 24hr

Vol 24hr is how much worth of a coin has been traded within a day (24hours). Dopamine App allows you to sort the list by their 24-hour trading volume.

  • Price

You can also sort the coins from the lowest to the highest price.

  • Percentage Change Timeline

This option allows you to sort the list based on the least traded coin to the highest traded coin within a specific period of time.

Dopamine App allows you to switch between 1hour, 24hours, and 7days.

Change currency

By default, the currency on the Dopamine App is USD.

However, if you don’t want your dashboard to appear in USD, you can change the currency. If you want your App to display in another currency, you can switch from USD to EUR. Kindly follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Click on “USD” on the right of the sorting list 

You’ll get a screen switch taking you to another interface. The first tab you’ll see here is USD.

The tab contains different currencies that you can choose from.

  1. Search for your preferred currency (e.g., EUR) and select it.

View Type

Switch from Simple to Detailed Interface

Switch from Simple to Detailed Interface on Dopamine App

Here you can search for any coin of your choice. And view details about them.

search for any coin of your choice on Dopamine App

Closing thoughts

The joy of having everything you need about a certain crypto asset is second to none. With a couple of finger gymnastics you can access first hand information, and tools to further fine-tune your investment decisions. All within your Dopamine App.