You can easily share a favorite folder with your friends, family and the general public on Dopamine app. Sharing your folders might look a bit tasky, especially when you are new to the app. However, the step-by-step guide in this article will help you easily share a favorite folder with anyone you wish to share them with at any time.

Step by step guide on how to share a favorite folder

Step 1

Once you open your Dopamine app, from the market page, go to the favorite tab; once you are on the favorite page, click on the share icon on the folder you wish to share.

the market tab page on Dopamine app

Step 2

Once you click on the share icon on a the folder you want to share, the icon will open a new page below your previous page with different options of where you can to share your folder. Click on any options you want to share your folder on, but for this example we will use our Notepad.

The favorite tab page on Dopamine app

Step 3

Click on the Notepad; once you click on it, the Notepad will help you generate a link to copy and share with whomever you would like to grant access of your folders to on Dopamine app.

the page to share the General folder on Dopamine app

Step 4

Once you copy the link the Notepad generated for you, go back to your Dopamine app and delete the folder. Once you do that, please share the link with anyone you wish to share your folder with and once the person pastes the link on their browsers like Chrome, the link will automatically redirect them back to your folder on Dopamine app. 

sharing a folder through Notepad

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