General Information

Dope is the native utility token of the Dopamine app. It is a multi-chain token and can be transferred within different blockchains.

Contract Addresses


Having access to the token allows for multiple types of benefits and utilities within the Dopamine ecosystem.

Holders of the token will be able to advertise between our platforms on Android and iOS.

Users will be able to propose and vote on new features for the app.

Stake your DOPE and receive interest in it.

Launchpad Access
Get early investment opportunities on new projects before they hit the public market.

Reduced Transaction Fees
DOPE holders will benefit from reduced fees when using the platform’s features and services.

Occasionally we will be holding airdrop events and by having the token you can be eligible for them.


Token Sale

  • Token ticker: $DOPE
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 DOPE
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 20,000,000 DOPE
  • Price of last round: $0.10
  • Initial Market Cap on listing: 2,500,000

Allocation and Lock-Ups

Public Sale: 5M (1%)

  • 100% unlocked on TGE

Pre-Sale: 20M (4%)

  • Price: $0.10 / DOPE
  • 100% unlocked on TGE

Private Sale: 55M (11%)

  • Price: $0.07 / DOPE
  • 4 months locked
  • Then 25% every 3 months

Early Investors: 15M (3%)

  • Price: $0.06 / DOPE
  • 6 months locked
  • Then 25% every 3 months

Advisors: 10M (2%)

  • 3 months locked
  • then 3% every month

Team: 75M (15%) 

  • 12 months locked
  • then 20% every 3 months

Community Rewards: 200M (40%)

  • 10% unlocked after 1 month from TGE
  • then 1.5% every 1 month

The Community Rewards allocation will be reserved for staking, farming, and rewarding the top contributing users on the platform.

Development Fund: 80M (16%)

  • 1.5% after 1 month from TGE
  • Then 10% every 3 months

The Development Fund will be allocated to fund all platform and ecosystem development activities such as feature developments, marketing bounties, cross-application integrations, affiliate incentives, and more.

Liquidity Fund: 40M (8%)

  • 50% unlocked after 3 months from TGE
  • 50% unlocked after 6 months from TGE

The Liquidity Fund allocation is specifically reserved for fulfilling the needs of external platform integrations (providing liquidity and other bounties).

Token Release Schedule

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