Learn how to see your private keys in your Dopamine App and import a new wallet.

Following the previous guide on restoring your seed phrase and finding the phrase in the Dopamine App, this guide further shows you how to display your private keys and import a new wallet.

If you have not read that, kindly do so here.

What are Private Keys? 

A private key is a large, secret, randomly generated number with multiple digits. They are typically portrayed as strings of alphanumeric characters.

Essentially, this secret number is an encoded seed phrase that acts as a password to protect users’ accounts and unlock access to the virtual vault that holds your crypto assets. 

An example of a private key is: 


Its technical mathematical algorithm makes it nearly impossible for someone to guess, hack and steal your cryptocurrency.

Why should I keep my private keys?

A private key is the signature for claiming ownership of a particular cryptocurrency address. When you have access to this key, you own the power to transact and spend the assets attached to that specific address. Under no obligations should you share an individual or entity; I mean, that’s why it’s called a PRIVATE KEY.

On the other hand, Private keys are an integral part of every crypto’s security. For example, you cannot approve withdrawals and transactions without your private key. So basically, if a vicious individual ever has access to your private key, your crypto funds become compromised and can be stolen.

How do you ensure maximum security over your these keys? Generally, you can store them by copying them from the Dopamine App and storing it in a hardware wallet that uses smartcards or USB devices to generate. 

Most importantly, you can secure your private keys offline.

Display your private keys — Step-by-step guide

  • Click the Add wallet icon

You’ll see this at the top right side of your app. Tap it, and you’ll see a pop-up giving you different wallet options.

  • Click on the key 🔑 icon

Enter your account password correctly

  • Private Keys

Here you’ll see the private keys to your assets. You can copy one, or everything (copy all)

Copy all and ensure they are kept safe.

Import a new wallet — step by step guide 

Yes. You can create a new wallet upon the existing wallet in your account.

All you need to do is have the seed phrase of the wallet you want to import. Then follow these steps

  1. Click on Import Existing Wallet
  1. Paste or manually type in your seed phrase

Once you have pasted the seed phrase, your wallet will appear alongside your other wallets.

All set!

Bottom line

The dopamine App gives you a wide range of functional and beneficial security features. That way, your private keys, and therefore your valuable assets, will always be secure.