Learn how to integrate an external wallet into your Dopamine wallet account.

Dopamine App offers one of the simplest ways to interact with cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFi projects. Unlike other platforms that mostly use a desktop browser to move wallets, with Dopamine mobile App, it’s available at your fingertips and also very easy to set up.

Dopamine App doesn’t require registration, so if you haven’t already downloaded the app, you can follow this link and do so via Google Play Store or App Store.

Before you proceed, you should back up your account and clearly write down your seed phrase.

External wallet on your Dopamine account

Adding an external wallet is a modern feature offered only by a few crypto wallets; Dopamine is one of them. Among several cool DeFI features it offers, the app allows you to import your other wallet into your Dope wallet. For example, you can add MetaMask to your account. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to proceed.

Step-by-step guide on importing Your external Wallet

Due to the web3 wallet features embedded in Dopamine App, you can add your other wallets to Dopamine via seed phrase. This allows you access the details in your wallet.

Now, let’s examine the steps you need to follow to add your other wallets to your Dope Wallet.

  1. Go to the Wallet tab 

Open your Dopamine App and click on the DEFI tab at the lower left side of your screen, next to the market tab.

Wallet tab on Dopamine App

On the DEFI page, tap on the wallet icon on your screen’s top right corner. You will have a list of your existing wallets, and then three options for ‘Create New Wallet,’ ‘Wallet connect,’ or ‘Import existing wallet.’

Select ‘Import existing wallet,’ You will be able to paste your wallet and then import it here.

Import an external wallet to your Dopamine App
  1. Import the Seed Phrase

You’re close already. Type out the seed phrase you’ve written down somewhere and click on import. 

Import your recovery phrase

Alternatively, say you want to import a MetaMask 

wallet, you can find your recovery around the security and privacy section. Copy it and carefully paste it into the provided box.

Upon doing these, click on ‘Import.’

  1. Wallet Import Done

Done. You have successfully imported your wallet with your available funds safely stored.

Final thoughts

Upon moving your wallets into your Dopamine Account, you can now seamlessly buy, swap, send, and receive cryptocurrencies.

A quick reminder that Dopamine App gives you access to thousands of relevant crypto assets and tokens across multiple blockchains. You can safely store your funds from Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana to Dogecoin. 

To learn more about using Dopamine App, read out the blog section. Also, you can join our Telegram group or Discord server to connect directly with the team members.