Learn how to use the swap option on Dopamine App and seamlessly swap your tokens.

Dopamine App offers users simple ways to swap tokens and maximize their earnings. In one of the how-to guides, we explained in detail what Swap is. If you haven’t seen that, kindly have a look here.

What is the swap option?

The Swap option is a simplified way of buying and selling tokens existing on the Dopamine App. You can swap different tokens from one blockchain into another. 

For example, you can swap USDT for USDC on the Ethereum (ETH) network.

Here, one asset is swapped for another at an equal price. Unlike buying and selling coins, a token swap simply substitutes one coin for another, so if you’re swapping coin A for coin B, you will get the exact value of your coin A in B. No value is lost.

Step-by-step guide on how to swap tokens 

We will be swapping usdt for usdc on the binance chain in this guide.

  1. Go to the swap icon

The available Balance in your wallet will appear here. Then click unlock

Swap tokens via Dopamine App
  1. Click unlock

You’ll get a notification asking you to permit the smart contracts to use the USDT. You get to do this per token.

Swap tokens with your Dopamine App
  1. Click yes

Upon clicking yes, you’ll get a pop-up showing “unlocking token. Please wait”

Usually, it takes about 5 secs to get it unlocked.

Swap USDT for USDC

Once you have successfully unlocked the USDT, you’re able to swap.

  1. Click on swap

There you go.

Your swapped token will appear on the transaction dashboard, showing the history of all the swap transactions you have done.

Check your transaction history on Dopamine App

On the Blockchain explorer, you can select each to get more information such as amount of transferred token, block status, etc.

Why should I choose Dopamine app over others?

Dopamine app serves as a gateway to many DeFi services, integrating several DEXs to give the best swap experience with the smallest network fees. Among many benefits are reduced gas fee, swift transaction, zero slippage etc.